Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Specimen Ridge

One day last week we decided to head to the top of Specimen ridge. The ridge got its name because it has petrified trees on it. Unfortunately for us, the trees are on the steep sides of the ridge and hard to access in winter. We snowshoed up to the top of the ridge as the climb was too steep for skiing but once on top there were just rolling hills and we were able to just amble along and enjoy the views.

The petrified trees are located somewhere in the conifers off to the left. We'll have to wait for a summer visit to see them up close rather than just through binoculars.
The weather was funny while we were on the ridge. There were snow showers over some of the distant ridges but we had sunny skies over us.
From the ridge we had a nice view of Mt. Washburn. Our friend Don skied up to its top the same day we were walking the ridge (26 miles 3,000 feet elevation gain).

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