Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bear Claws

I found these bear claw marks on a lodgepole pine up a small drainage off of the Bannock Trail just outside the northeast part of the park. People say bears claw trees to communicate their presence (both male and female), and sometimes to take out their frustrations. Wonder how people know that.

You can tell the size of the bear by the width of the claw marks. I'm not sure how old these were (trees grow, increasing the spread and height of the marks).

Hopefully we will see some grizzly bears in March. The males come out first. Given the low snow levels and relatively mild temperatures we might see a bear this month!


  1. Given they're predicting another 20-28 inches of snow this weekend in C'ville, we don't expect to see any bears this month.

  2. Hi Bette and Dave! I'm thinking we might do well to emulate the bears and just go into hibernation, sit this winter out :-) I have been having so much fun reading the blog. The pictures are wonderful and you are both great narrators/storytellers. Hope you are still having tons of fun!

  3. I find it ironic that the one winter we leave C'ville it snows a ton and Yellowstone winds up with much less snow than normal. I wonder if we are snow repellant?