Monday, February 15, 2010

East Rim

On a recent day off we skied along the east rim of the Yellowstone river canyon. The park grooms a trail on the opposite rim and we could hear people laughing and talking on that side but we had the east side to ourselves. At least we thought we did. After we were back at the ranch we found out that one of the institute instructors was filming a cougar on the rocks beneath the trail that day. We did see cougar tracks but didn't see that cat itself.
When we got near the top of the trail we saw some big horn sheep. We went into whisper-mode thinking that we needed to be very careful not to spook them.
As it turned out, they actually walked towards us and seemed more curious than afraid.
Only when they got pretty close did they finally begin to run off in the other direction.
Some eventually went over to the edge of the rim. That's the Yellowstone river down below.

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  1. A breathtakingly beautiful place to spend a winter...thanks for sharing!