Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Wolf Retreat

I was the program assistant for a class called Winter Wolf retreat. The instructors were Nathan and Linda (Dave assisted them for a class earlier). This class was a bit different from the others we've had so far because it was not an official Yellowstone Association class. This one was part of Nathan and Linda's Wild Side business. As a result the meals were catered! Zac was our chef and the food was yummy.
We began each day with wolf watching from 7 am to at least noon. The wolves cooperated once again. Lots of intrigue (males from other packs lurking and flirting and hoping to pass on their genes). In the afternoons we headed out for a few short snowshoe hikes. On the way to one of them we got a nice look at this big horn sheep.
On another day we snowshoed in to a canyon near the Pebble Creek campground. We walked along and on a stream that was frozen in places.

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